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About Courtney Dulcimer

My Vision

I am a resource for individuals who dream of making their own music. I believe there are many individuals who, like me, found it hard and frustrating trying to learn to play a musical instrument effectively. That was my situation until I discovered the geometric miracle that is the hammered dulcimer.

I  stock some of the finest hammered dulcimers made, as well as some very economical, good and practical alternatives. All the new instruments I offer are meticulously hand made in America by people I know and trust. I don’t have a store front, but I do have a place where (by appointment) you can try them out and hear them side by side in a quiet setting. I provide the instruments, instruction, accessories, and materials that dulcimer players need and want.

Instruments Available

I always try to keep 3 models of Songbird Hammered Dulcimers in stock, 3 models of Master Works, and 3 models of Dusty Strings.  These are truly 3 of the finest artisans in the business, each with decades of successful instrument building. Yet their prices are very reasonable. For those seeking a very compact, light and less expensive instrument, I carry 2 models of Jake’s Cabin dulcimers, and the TK O’Brien’s backpacker. Also, I usually have some used instruments in stock.


View my dulcimer inventory and email me with any questions.

Other Products and Services

I carry many accessories, including various kinds of stands, music holders, digital tuners, CD’s, instructional materials and music, hammers, replacement strings, etc. I offer evaluation and repair of hammered dulcimers in almost any condition, provided the original design is fundamentally sound.

Trade Up Policy

Buy with confidence. Each builder I represent offers substantial warranties on their product. In addition, if you purchase a new or used instrument from me, and within two years or so, you decide to upgrade to a more expensive new model, your full purchase price will be applied as trade in on the new instrument, provided your instrument has been maintained in good condition. The Rick Thum Professional model is excluded from this offer.


History of the Hammered Dulcimer

To most modern Americans, the hammered dulcimer is a new and unfamiliar instrument. Even people who know much about American music often confuse the hammered dulcimer with the three- or four-stringed “mountain” or “plucked” dulcimer. The two instruments are very dissimilar despite sharing a name. Surprisingly, the hammered dulcimer, which is an ancient ancestor of …